Cheap Hotels at Gatwick Airport

We have a number of hotels near Gatwick airport which will delight you with their price tag. If you want to compare cheap Gatwick hotels, look no further.

Compare the Gatwick hotels which boast a scanty price tag

We work with the best range of hotels at Gatwick in an effort to provide you with a great selection to choose from. Here we have weeded out the more fanciful hotels so you can focus on the ones that will delight your pockets and leave you extra cash for your holiday.

You can trust that, although these cheap Gatwick Airport hotels surprise with their modest price tag, they still provide their guests with a great stay.

The scene-stealing gems

Filter by lowest price first and you'll see these great hotels stealing all the lime-light at the top of our table. These prices really are surprising, especially when you consider the Russ Hill and Britannia Lodge are classed as 3-star accommodation. The Britannia Lodge is an amazing deal because guests here are still permitted to use the facilities inside the main Britannia Europa hotel just over the road!

  • White House - 2 star, guest-house style accommodation with 24 hour transfers
  • Russ Hill - 3 star hotel, set away from main roads, with free bus transfers from Gatwick to the hotel
  • Britannia Lodge - converted Europa hotel staff quarters with access to the Europa's restaurant, health club, pool and more

Undercover bargains!

We love these! Our 'Undercover' Gatwick hotels are always a 4-star hotel but we withhold the name of it until after you have booked. The price for an Undercover airport hotel is kept amongst the lowest on offer because we are able to select hotels for you based around our availability. This means we can bring you some truly stellar accommodation at a brilliantly cheap price!

Keep an eye out for these special deals when you search for dates.

Great-value money-savers

A shave above the cheapest hotels at Gatwick, these ones are a little more generous with their facilities and a little more refined with their comforts but still retain a superbly friendly price. Click on the link to read a little more about each hotel.

  • Days Hotel - with 17th century restaurant and great-value continental breakfast
  • Europa - with family rooms, swimming pool, sauna and steam room
  • Premier Inn - king sized beds, power shower and blackout curtains