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Premier Inn Titanic Quarter

Premier Inn Titanic Quarter

Distance to Airport: 4.4 Miles
Star Rating:
Premier Inn Titanic Quarter, 2A Queens Road, BT3 9DT
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Stormont Hotel

Stormont Hotel

Distance to Airport: 3.5 Miles
Star Rating:
Stormont Hotel, 587 Upper Newtownards Road, BT4 3LP
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Selecting one of our Belfast City airports is a simple 50:50 choice – in theory! You’ll love the location and facilities of both hotels.

The 3-star Premier Inn offers plenty of surrounding entertainment, located on the gateway of the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. It is just 5 minutes from the City centre and offers all the familiar comforts we've come to expect from Premier Inn at a great price.

Travelers looking for more of a scenic retreat will love the 4-star Stormont Hotel’s natural setting. It is still only a short drive to the Airport and the Belfast City centre but offers a beautifully quiet and attractive setting to rest before your travels. The La Scala Bistro also offers a dining experience fitting of a 4-star hotel, really sliding you into full holiday-mode.

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Paying for your car parking on the day usually works out much more expensive, especially this near to a city centre. Most of our airport hotels are available to book with parking so make sure you select this before you click 'search' and we will return a single quote for each hotel which offers a parking package.

Directions to Belfast City airport

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Located just off the end of the E16/M3, the airport is linked to the rest of Northern Ireland by the E13/M1 and other major roads. National rail links are provided by Sydenham station at the south side of the airport, offering connections to Bangor and Portadown.

Our Belfast City airport hotels are within a five-mile radius of the terminal building, and they’re easily accessed by taxi or transfer bus.

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