Ibis Hotels

About the Ibis hotels and where you can find them. We have Ibis rooms near 4 airports at great prices, well worth checking if you're flying out on holiday.

Introducing Ibis Hotels

You’ll find your perfect Ibis hotel in whichever country of the world you’re in. Ibis is dedicated to providing the best in customer service, comfort and a straightforward experience. Rooms and facilities at Ibis hotels are unfussy, stylish and simple to make the most of. Each hotel offers a range of dining and entertainment options, all optimised to deliver excellent service that’ll have you coming back to stay again and again. Ibis hotels pride themselves on offering a high-end, luxury service at consumer-friendly prices.

Where to find a Ibis hotel

There are Ibis hotels situated across the globe, including at a number of airports. In the UK, some of the Ibis hotels located conveniently on or near departure halls are:

Standout features

Ibis hotels offer fantastic service that’s there to make sure your needs are met at whatever hour of the day or night you need them. Ibis offer 24-hour guest assistance, and their 15-minute problem resolution promise aims to solve your problem in a quarter of an hour – or the service is on them. You can book in a stay for business or leisure at Ibis hotels, as they’ve also got great facilities for a range of events. Ibis is proud of its restaurant range, which offers guests an exciting dining experience no matter what kind of cuisine you prefer. The round-the-clock dining services mean that you can grab a bite to eat at whatever time you’re checking in or out.

Your room at a Britannia hotel

Rooms at Ibis hotels promise to have you sleeping soundly throughout the night. The Ibis rooms are spacious and modern, featuring en-suite bathrooms and easy-to-use entertainment facilities. There’s plenty of natural light, which complements the relaxing and fresh décor. If you’re looking for a welcoming room that feels like home, you’re sure to find it when you check into an Ibis hotel.

Celebrating Britannia hotels

Ibis hotels have won a number of awards, including National Geographic Traveller’s Gold List Travel Award and ‘My Favourite Economic Hotel Brand’ in China in 2008, as well as Best Budget Hotel Brand in 2007 for the TGG Asian Travel award. 2004, Ibis became the first global chain to commit to the ISO 14001 environmental certification procedure, which requires participating hotels to meet the latest regulations and continuously improve their environmentally-friendly credentials. Ibis is committed to reducing its water and energy consumption, alongside promoting renewable energy sources, and implementing waste sorting.