Hilton Hotels

If you are flying from a UK airport, we have a number of Hilton hotels you can book. Check out availability and save money on some great Hilton deals.

Introducing Hilton Hotels

Hilton is one of the world’s best-known hotel chains, with a reputation for offering hospitality that’s in a league of its own. The Hilton brand offers around 50,000 hotel rooms across the world in spacious hotels that are accessible, luxurious and comprehensively-equipped. Hilton ensures its hotels are always at the forefront of design, with style and comfort delicately balanced to provide a stay that’s as trendy as it is relaxed.

As well as keeping their finger on the pulse of hospitality style and convenience, Hilton continues to keep a keen eye on their impact on the environment, implementing sustainability processes to make sure their hospitality is as eco-friendly as possible.

Where to find a Hilton

There’s a Hilton at most of the major UK airports and they are usually one of the most conveniently situated airport hotels. Take a look at the Hilton's we sell, check out the parking packages we offer with them if you need it, and book early for the best deals.

Standout features

Hilton hotels are known for their carefully-calibrated cocktail of practical facilities with a luxurious edge. Hilton is always leading the way with hospitality design and innovation, with much more on site than just rooms – the hotels are often equipped with spa, fitness, swimming, restaurant, dry cleaning, entertainment and dining amenities that stand head and shoulders above the competition. The Hilton Gatwick airport boasts a LivingWell Express gym that’s open 24 hours a day, whilst the Hilton at Heathrow airport offers four different dining experiences; from Italian to Oriental.

Your room at a Hilton hotel

Hilton rooms are designed to be as smart as they are comfortable. All rooms come fully furnished, with modern entertainment on offer and en-suite facilities as standard. Rooms enjoy bright décor and natural light, with high-end fixtures that will leave you wanting to take the hotel room home with you. Beds are spacious and comfortable, and there are plenty of options to add other beds or book different room combinations if you’re staying with the whole family.

Celebrating Hilton hotels

Hilton hotels around the world continue to win awards on their own merit, whilst the brand is recognised internationally as an industry leader. In 2012 alone, it’s been awarded prizes for Number One Hotel Brand in Britain for both Business and Leisure Travelers by the Business Development Research Consultants and Best Value Hotel Chain by the Budget Travel Readers’ Choice Awards, and Hilton also earned a second consecutive Brand of the Year title in 2011 from Harris Poll EquiTrend.